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President Cyril Ramaphosa’s most recent national address on 28 February 2021 regarding Covid-19 impacts weddings. That is to say, regulations are updated, in favour of weddings.  Moreover, lockdown restrictions have eased.  South Africa moved to level 1 alert level lockdown (as of midnight on 28 February 2021). Weddings are allowed. However, of course, there are considerations to the regulations that should be considered, such as gathering size, curfew times and mandatory protocols.

President Ramaphosa said that vaccinations have begun in South Africa, almost 67,000 people have been vaccinated. Further deliveries of vaccinations to South Africa are ongoing.  This second wave was more devastating than the first wave of Covid-19 cases in South Africa. However, now, hospital admissions, as well as new daily cases have significantly decreased.

In addition, he further stated that such restrictions must not remain in place than absolutely necessary to contain the disease.  Now the country can ease some of the restrictions on movement and activities. 

President Ramaphosa said that based on the current assessment, cabinet after various consultations with provinces, metro mayors – that cabinet has decided to move South Africa from Corona virus alert 3 to alert level 1. The level 1 alert level comes into effect midnight on 28 February 2021 once the regulations have been gazetted.

Consequently, weddings are allowed (both the wedding ceremony AND wedding reception) 

…On condition, the guidelines of number of people and protocols are strictly adhered to. The venue is responsible to initiate and ensure the updated regulations are in full accordance with the most recent Gazette. Therefore, contact your venue, to define what can be accommodated, venue capacity and the plan of action for your wedding.

Lockdown restrictions have relaxed and weddings are allowed.  As a result, here’s an overview of the strategies that still exist, which will impact weddings: 

1. Although weddings are allowed, there are restrictions on the gathering size  

That is to say, President Ramaphosa said that gatherings are permitted, subject to limitations on size, social distancing and other health protocols. Gatherings include: Religious, cultural, social, political.

Consequently, gatherings may not exceed 100 people in an indoors venue, or 250 people at an outdoor venue. Where the venue is too small to accommodate these numbers, then 50% of the venue size will apply.

·        To clarify, an indoor venue is capped at a maximum of 100 people.

·         Further, an outdoor venue is capped at a maximum of 250 people.

2. Although weddings are allowed, there is a curfew

Curfew times are adjusted to 00h00 – 04h00. During the previous ‘level 3 of lockdown’, the curfew was in place from 11pm – 4am. With the curfew extension now by 1 hour, this is a great news for the wedding agenda!

3. The sale of alcohol continues to be permitted

  • Sale of alcohol by licensed premises is permitted as normal, except during curfew hours.

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4. Tobacco can continue to be sold 

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5. International travel continues to be permitted 

This allows international guests to attend the wedding physically – not just virtually.  President Ramaphosa iterated that, as a result, five of South Africa’s airports are open for international travel. These include OR Thambo International airport, Cape Town airport, King Shaka airport , Kruger, Mpumalanga and Lanseria airports.

33 land border posts that have been closed will remain closed. Other 20 will remain open.

Weddings are allowed

…Subject to some restrictions:

  • Any person travelling internationally must produce a valid Covid-19 test result, which must be no older than 72 hours. Moreover, if the traveler does not produce the Covid-19 test result, a possible quarantine period could evolve, and this will be at the traveller’s own cost.
Make sure that your wedding guests are well-informed of their individual travel regulations and requirements.
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6. Face masks continue to be mandatory in public spaces

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So when will my wedding be allowed?

7. Travel between provinces in South Africa continues to be permitted 

Wedding guests and vendor suppliers can continue to travel nationally anywhere within South Africa.

8. Sanitising protocols are mandatory

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Certainly, restrictions and regulations must be fully adhered to, even though weddings are allowed. To clarify, these are:

  1. 1.5 metre social distance between all people attending the wedding. Consider your seating plan: A table that previously seated 10 people may now have a maximum of 5 or 6 people. Read how to implement and respect these guidelines at your wedding HERE
  2. Face masks are mandatory
  3. Hand Sanitisers

President Ramaphosa stressed that “eased restrictions does not mean we must let our guard down. The few restrictions in level 1 are to maintain lower cases of infections. The new variant is the dominant variant in the country. It is transmitted more easily and can infect more people.

[That is to say], be responsible and caring.”
He furthermore said, “continue measures, as more of our people get vaccinated. Vaccines significantly reduce the overall rate of infection in the population. Vaccines are one of the measures in our Corona tool kit to contain the pandemic.  Continue practicing ALL prevention measures to defeat the pandemic, so we can accelerate our economic recovery…”

and to marry the love of your life. 

Return to alert level 1 means most remaining restrictions on economic activities are removed. Easing of restrictions should not be viewed to abandon the precautions we need to take to combat Corona Virus. Certainly, the threat of third wave is present, as is the threat of the new variants of the virus.
In addition, our courage and sense of solidarity has not been weakened as a nation. Our South African spirit has allowed us to remain steadfast in an unprecedented threat.

We are on the path to recovery. Remain hopeful.

In summary and most importantly, Weddings are allowed!

South Africa moves to alert level 1 as of midnight on 28 February 2021. Weddings are allowed, both the ceremony and the reception.  Restrictions have eased. Improved restrictions include:  Adjusted curfew time, gathering size, alcohol sale.

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*Note from the Editor:   This article is merely intended to explore grounding information proposed to sober wedding indecision. By no means is this article a comprehensively seamless analysis or official information.  This information is accurate to the date of publishing.  More information will unveil as the government releases further information.