The future of weddings during Coronavirus

Covid-19 has in many ways impacted weddings and the highlight is the future of weddings during Coronavirus. Firstly, what is required, what needs to be adapted, adopted, considered – in order for our wedding to go on now? Secondly, this leads to the second part of this article: Summarising the 2021 wedding trends and how Coronavirus has influenced these.

The 2021 slogan is “This is the era to get married! And get away with doing it your way!”

“The future of weddings during Coronavirus, as a result of Coronavirus, has fully transformed. It’s expected and accepted that these transformations are the ‘new norm’ for many more months to come”.

The last time a pandemic had such an effect was over 100 years ago, in 1918 Influenza pandemic.  Most of South Africa’s strategic implementation initiated during Covid-19 was learnt from other countries, and also the historical data of from the 1918 Influenza pandemic.  The ‘new norms’ primarily adopted now as legal requirements are face masks and social distancing protocols.  Let’s explore: The future of weddings during Coronavirus.

The Good News 

Certainly and absolutely –  Coronavirus will pass. This wave will shift.   It is only a matter of time.

Weddings have always existed and always will. Love and unity has always been celebrated, and always will be.  However, there will be a call of duty which all are responsible to ensure. For some following months, life may not resume identically as what was ‘normal’ before Covid-19. The future of weddings during Coronavirus has been impacted and certain considerations and regulations should be incorporated into weddings.

Certain changes will now need to be adopted to all Weddings in South Africa – Weddings during Coronavirus. 

The future of weddings during Coronavirus

Firstly, the future of weddings in South Africa is transformed as follows:

It is all of our call of duty to apply certain precautions, which we are all responsible to ensure of, at every wedding. Weddings are required to fully adopt these practices and protocols.

  1. For the next coming months, face masks are the new fashion for all wedding guests, bride/groom, officials, all wedding participants and suppliers.
    Bride Bridal Wedding High-quality Face Mask

    Bride Bridal Wedding High-quality Face Mask

    The new wedding trend is personalised (and colour coded) wedding guest face masks. Click here for some wedding face mask ideas.

2. Social distancing may impact the ways in which dancing, live bands, DJs, karaoke  are performed.   However the social distancing impact during dancing might be mild, in comparison to the festivity of celebrating the newlyweds. Different themed music areas throughout the wedding venue may surface. For example, the outside veranda with the drummer, DJ inside, saxophonist in another area.  The dance floor will be larger to accommodate better social distancing.  New technology can be implemented such as the Silent Disco to keep the party going in a safe distance.

Wedding live Band

Consider these too…

3. Food offering and drinks at weddings will always be a large part. However the way drinks and food are presented to guests has shifted.  Food styles may move away from buffet style, and towards an ala carte menu or set menu plated options. If buffet is still an option, then it will  be set up differently, such as smaller food stations to avoid long lines.  Each food station of the buffet operated may be serviced by a Chef or servers, with gloves and face masks. For now, this is the future of weddings during Coronavirus.

Wedding Set Menu Style

Wedding Set Menu Style

The goal is still to provide a delicious culinary experience for wedding guests, however obviously now with consideration that less hands are involved in plating and preparing.

4.  Candy stations at weddings will have to individually wrap sweets, rather than scatter layouts of sweets and candies. Or alternatively the sweets could be served on dessert sampler plates to each guest.

Wedding Candy Bar

Candy Bar

This is interesting…

5.  Table settings are adjusted. Instead of 10 seats at a round table, 5 or 6 seats around the 10 seater round table is the new norm.  Tables may also be distanced from one another by some metres. To encourage chair social distancing, consider some high-end trendy cocktail tables at your ceremony, instead of the traditional pew style chair.  Or if each guest has their own chair, simply adjust the distance between chairs.

There are fewer wedding chairs used and more guests standing during the ceremony. Be considerate, scatter some bean bags or couches on the external ceremony perimeter, so guests don’t get tired of standing too long.

The wedding ceremony may become somewhat slightly shorter to consider the guest’s seating comfort.
Wedding Trending Seating Areas

Wedding Seating Areas

6.  Wedding seating plans can be adjusted to group households together, rather than friends.

Design your personalised seating plan here.

7. The way photoprop trucks operate now is impacted.  Wedding guests may not be able to share photo props as easily in the small space of a photo truck. But it is still possible!  Simply open up the garden space and innovate new ways to incorporate the photo-props into wedding photos. Grab your wedding photo props here.

8. Wedding cakes could still be as decorative and large as before.  Perhaps this time guests will be dished up their own cake slices, instead of helping themselves from the cake table in a communal manner.  Another preference could be gourmet cupcakes, which could limit food sharing and food handling.

Wedding Cake with Cupcakes

Wedding Cake surrounded by Delicious Cupcakes

9. Wedding numbers are impacted by the number of people permitted at gatherings.  Consider if your venue staffing, chef, photographer, pastor etc. will add to your permitted venue gathering size.

But, it is a matter of time that our wedding guest numbers will resume to our norm that we are familiar with, but the fact is that they will resume. We will be permitted to having our 350+ wedding guests witness and celebrate our wedding with us – this will only be a matter of time.

Remember to:

10. Notify guests during the wedding invitation stage that if any guest is unwell leading up to your wedding time, to let the bride or groom know. Remember to be accommodating to guests who may be unwell and not able to attend the wedding. For now, this is the future of weddings during Coronavirus.

If you discover a few days before your wedding that a guest does test positive for Corona, then make plans to screen your wedding virtually Ask your videographer to virtually stream your wedding. Be inclusive during these times.

Virtual Wedding

11. Wedding Traditions can be adjusted to incorporate and respect the Covid rules. For example, the wedding garter or bouquet toss or rugby garter toss game may take on another approach, to incorporate social distancing.

Wedding Rugby Toss Game

Wedding Rugby Toss Game

12.  Hen’s party or bachelor stag nights planned at nightclubs or at a restaurant may have limitations of their own. Consider your pre-celebratory festivities carefully before sending out invitations. Many couples are now opting for a weekend getaway with loved ones at a rental home.

13.  Wedding sanitisation stations are the new wedding trend, as well as a legal requirement!

Find sexy ways to dress up the wedding sanitisation stations with some quirky signs. Click here to view some awesome Wedding Covid-19 related signboards. 

Welcome kindly use provided hand sanitiser courtesy of the new Mr and Mrs

Be innovative

14. Many weddings celebrate with alcohol. Try prevent thick lines of queues at the bar, by implementing simple tactics such as increasing the number of bar attendants, or having a few small bar stations setup throughout the venue. Bars may also build in some trendy sneeze guards, so we may see bars redesigning their bar areas.

Another option is to offer guests bottled beverage stations on ice on tables or in the venue when replenishing their thirst. Click here to view some pretty awesome corona labelled groom/bestman/groomsman drinks. 

Personalised Customised Wedding Groomsman Gift

15.  Wedding décor will be more necessary than ever.  With initially smaller weddings, couples can be supremely creative with their décor.  For example, signage with quirky lyrics, placed near bathroom sinks to encourage sanitising and social distancing is trending at weddings. For now, this is the future of weddings during Coronavirus. Click here for some wedding signage ideas.  

Love is Infectious

16. Wedding Guest Gift Favours for wedding guests are the perfect gift idea.  1. Make sure guests santitise 2. Give each wedding guest a small bottle of personalised sanitiser as the wedding gift favour.

Click here for some pretty awesome personalised sanitiser wedding guest favour ideas: 
Personalised Wedding Gift Favour Hand Sanitiser

Personalised Wedding Gift Favour Hand Sanitiser

17.  Wedding lighting will play a larger role than ever before.  Some couples are expecting less guests, but at the same time want to make the reception room feel full and whole.  A great way to achieve this is by spreading out large chandeliers, increasing the number of accent walls, and placing spotlights on tables.

Wedding Lighting

18.  Wedding photographers will need longer lenses and consider shooting outdoors. This way making photography from a distance absolutely possible.

19.  Honeymoon destination is a hot topic. International honeymoons will be possible once the global travel gateway opens fully. In the interim, consider a local honeymoon in South Africa. There are no inter-provincial travel regulations, and there are some absolutely beautiful honeymoon experiences in South Africa.  This way too, you’ll be contributing to igniting South Africa’s hospitality sector, post-impact from Corona.

Certainly, it surely is our call of duty to apply certain precautions and fully embrace the transformations currently required to all weddings.
“2021 is no-doubt going to be the busiest year of all years for weddings, as data shows over 90% of couples postponed their wedding from 2020 to 2021. Also during lockdown, there were many newly engaged couples.” 

Secondly, a quick summary of 2021’s wedding trends, which Coronavirus has influenced in a positive way. 

“This is THE era to GET MARRIED! And DO IT YOUR WAY! Here is why.”

Wedding SALES, flexibility, packages and discounts are popular, in a never-seen before manner. 

  1. Wedding venues offer small group or “elopement” packages.
  2. The Most Popular Online Wedding Shop has a PART-SALE ON!  Some wedding goodies are up to 80% discounted! This period is a beautiful time to take advantage of deals, discounts and sales for your wedding. Click here to see the SALE!
  3. Many couples aren’t asking for the traditional gift registry. “I don’t see a need for high-end dinnerware.” (Katie, Durban, 24 years old). Many couples are encouraging guests to contribute to their honeymoon fund (oh yes! click here to see the ideal honeymoon fund treasure box), or to their favourite charity organisation.
  4. Local weddings are lekker.
  5. More couples are choosing to splurge less on lavish, over-the-top weddings in 2021. DIY wedding decor is having a magic moment.

The Wedding Brain

Do your wedding your way

  1. Weekday weddings are popular, as brides and grooms try fit in their postponed Big Day with busy wedding venues.
  2. Micro weddings are the new trend. This brings about a relaxed, informal vibe and experience of an intimate wedding.
  3. Unstructured and less formal styles are going strong.  Barefoot, sandals, sneakers, slippers are in.
  4. Simple decor is popular. As are beach weddings. The combination sets a powerful ambiance of serenity. A ceremony condoned in front of crashing waves, with no heavy ceremonial arches or decor structures in sight.

Now, is the perfect wedding time… 

  1. Quality all round has overtaken quantity in 2021 weddings.
  2. Brides and grooms are however splashing out on entertainment (live bands, dj, singers, magicians, cartoonist artist and generally artists of all kinds).
  3. It seems Covid potentially rebooted the level of importance placed on relationships. Personalised wedding gifts and customised items are at the top of the list. Check out personalised ideas here. 
  4. Wedding Officiants and wedding vendors help make new wedding plans special. There is greater flexibility to support engaged couples.
  5. Smaller bridal bouquets are replacing the previously cascading flower arrangements.

the future of weddings

In Summary, this is the future of weddings during Coronavirus

Concluding, the shock from Coronavirus has past. The ‘pandemic abnormal’ has become our ‘new normal’.

Certainly, the future of weddings during Coronavirus has transformed in mostly all facets. Moreover, this article explored the very necessary changes weddings in South Africa will need to adopt.

Equally so, brides and grooms are opting to do their wedding THEIR WAY! And there has never been a more perfect era in history to do just that.

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