The future of weddings during Coronavirus

Amidst the anguish and sorrow which many of us feel towards the reality of Covid-19, the truth remains that indeed Covid-19 has in some way or another impacted weddings. This occurence is not only in South Africa, but also globally.  The highlight is the future of weddings during Coronavirus.

This is not the future of weddings

This is not the future of weddings

 Everything And Wedding Shop is an active leader in the wedding industry in South Africa, providing everything needed before, during, after weddings.  And so with this responsibility, we’re frequently receiving many questions from brides and grooms, about how Coronavirus might impact their wedding.

Through this journey we look at three points:
Firstly, how weddings have been impacted by Covid-19. 
Secondly, how weddings WILL recover from Coronavirus.
Thirdly, how future weddings transform due to Covid-19.
And finally, some tips for brides and grooms to stay sane during this time.

(This article is merely our prediction of opinions as South Africa’s online wedding shop, and not in any way official or legal assured advice.) Please leave comments at the end of this article if this article was helpful.

Weddings have been impacted by Covid-19 Coronavirus

The future of weddings during Coronavirus have been impacted.  It’s fact to say, and sadly so, that many weddings throughout South Africa have been effected by the global pandemic of the Coronavirus during 2020. So much so, that the reality is many of us have wanted to get off this round-about called life. We understand. We’ve felt all your emotions. But nonetheless, we are ALL in this together.

Brides and grooms just DAYS away from their wedding have had to postpone. This is heart-breaking, considering some of these weddings had been scheduled and prepared well in advance of sometimes up to 3 years ago!  The preparation and planning that goes into such a huge affair of a wedding is infinite.

Wedding guests have had no option but to cancel or change travel plans, both nationally and internationally. Most airlines and hotels have been accommodating in refunding travel, or at least offering open dates with no penalties.

Wedding providers have been impacted.  Wedding venues have had the nightmarish duty of cancelling and shuffling wedding dates.

The future of weddings during Coronavirus has effected and impacted us all in one way or another.

The last time a pandemic had such an effect was over 100 years ago, in 1918 during the Influenza pandemic.  Most of the strategic implementation initiated during Covid-19, was taken from historical data of cause-and-effect from this Influenza pandemic.  Unfortunately, one of these strategic implementations is ‘social distancing’.

Weddings are a time of unimaginable enjoyment. A mind-blowing celebration of unity and love between two people. Both of these enveloped within an incredible festivity. Mostly, all of which ‘social distancing’ looks like it is incompatible with. However, although it looks this way, it is not.  Weddings can work together with Coronavirus and are luckily adaptable. Humans are resilient and when we work together with this adaptability, the perfect wedding can still transpire successfully.

The future of weddings during Coronavirus

Will Weddings recover from the impact of Covid-19?

Certainly and absolutely –  Coronavirus will pass. This wave will shift.   It is only a matter of time.  Weddings have always existed and always will. Love and unity has always been celebrated, and always will be.  However, there will be a call of duty which all are responsible to ensure. For some months, life may not resume identically as what was ‘normal’ before Covid-19. The future of weddings during Coronavirus has been impacted temporarily. But, as the days go on, the effects of Coronavirus on weddings will lessen and one day dissolve. It is inevitable.

So yes, weddings will recover from the impact of Coronavirus, eventually. Life will resume. Weddings will too. It is only a matter of time.

The future of weddings during Coronavirus

How will the future of weddings marginally revolutionise due to Covid-19?

Certainly, weddings will resume. It is only a matter of time. However, it is all of our call of duty to apply certain precautions, which we are all responsible to ensure of until then. Therefore, weddings scheduled within the next few months will most likely identify with these precautionary measures.

This article may be premature, however this prematurity will become more substantial, as more information is released from our governmental heads.

It’s possible to say that for the next coming months, masks will be the new fashion for most wedding guests. There’s some stylish masks becoming available. Six months ago, it wasn’t envisioned masks would be at weddings. Remember that 40 years down the line when you’re still happily married, that the masks in your wedding photos will be a memory.  A symbol during this historical pandemic.  Your grandchildren will be curious about these experiences.  Many stories will be shared. But most of all, the essence is that you still got to have the wedding and marry ‘your person’.

Nonetheless, there will be dancing, live bands, DJs, karaoke  at weddings still.  Humans are born to dance, party and enjoy – especially at mighty celebrations of weddings. However the social distancing impact during dancing might be mild, in comparison to the festivity of celebrating the newlyweds. Different themed music areas throughout the wedding venue may surface. For example, the outside veranda with the drummer, DJ inside, saxophonist in another area.  The dance floor will likely be larger.  New technology can be implemented such as the Silent Disco to keep the party going in a safe distance.

Wedding live Band

Wedding live Band

Grab a coffee and carry on reading…

Food offering and drinks at weddings will always be a large part. However the way drinks and food are presented to guests may shift.  Likely, for this temporary period, food styles may move away from buffet style, and towards an ala carte menu or set menu plated options. If buffet is still an option, then they will probably be set up differently. Smaller food stations to avoid long lines of dishes. We see in some variables of wedding planning that the future of weddings during Coronavirus has shifted.   Each food station of the buffet operated by a Chef or server with gloves and face masks on.

Wedding Set Menu Style

Wedding Set Menu Style

The goal is still to provide a delicious culinary experience for guests, however obviously now with consideration that less hands are involved in plating and preparing. Food trucks and all caterers will without a doubt be capitulated to abide by new regulations of hygiene and policies around this. Ensure your wedding venue has accommodated these transformed ways of serving.

Candy stations at weddings might have individually wrapped sweets, rather than scattered layouts of sweets and candies. Or the sweets could be served on dessert sampler plates to each guest.

Wedding Candy Bar

Wedding Candy Bar

This is interesting…

Table settings may be adjusted. Instead of 10 seats at a round table, perhaps 8 seats around the 10 seater round table will become the new norm.  Tables may also be distanced from one another by some metres. To encourage chair social distancing, consider some high-end trendy cocktail tables at your ceremony, instead of the traditional pew style chair.  Or if each guest has their own chair, simply adjust the distance between chairs. Likely we may see fewer chairs and more guests standing during the ceremony. Scatter some bean bags or couches on the external ceremony perimeter so guests don’t get tired of standing too long. The wedding ceremony may become somewhat slightly shorter to encourage the guest’s comfort.

Wedding Trending Seating Areas

Wedding Trending Seating Areas

Wedding seating plans may be adjusted to group households together, rather than friends.

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The way photoprop trucks operate may be impacted initially.  Wedding guests may not be able to share photo props as easily in the small space of a photo truck.

It is comprehendible that wedding cakes could still be as decorative and large as before.  Perhaps this time guests will be dished up their own cake slices, instead of helping themselves from the cake table in a communal manner.  Another preference could be gourmet cupcakes, which could potentially limit food sharing.

Wedding Cake with Cupcakes

Wedding Cake with Cupcakes

Wedding numbers will at first be impacted by the number of people permitted at gatherings.  As our economy reopens, wedding guest numbers will be seen to increase gradually from 10, to 20, to 50, to 100 and onwards. During that time of gradual increase, consider if your venue staffing, chef, photographer, pastor etc. will add to your permitted venue gathering size. In these ways we see that the future of weddings during Coronavirus has shifted. But, it is a matter of time that our wedding guest numbers will resume to our norm that we are familiar with, but the fact is that they will resume. We will be permitted to having our 350+ wedding guests witness and celebrate our wedding with us – this will only be a matter of time.

Remember to:

Notify guests during the wedding invitation stage.  If any guest is unwell leading up to your wedding time, to let the bride or groom know. Remember to be accommodating to guests who may be unwell and not able to attend the wedding.

If you discover a few days before your wedding that a guest does test positive for Corona, then make plans to screen your wedding virtually Ask your videographer to virtually stream your wedding. Be inclusive during these times.

Virtual Wedding

Wedding Traditions may be slightly impacted by new needs. For example, the wedding bouquet toss may take on another approach, to limit social distancing.

Hen’s party or stag nights planned at nightclubs or restaurants may have temporary limitations of their own.

Wedding sanitisation stations might be a new wedding set up trend. Find sexy ways to dress up and offer the practical solution of sanitisation stations at your wedding.

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Many weddings celebrate with alcohol.  It is logical to assume there will be minimal limitations on weddings during level 1 or level 0 of lockdown.  We know that currently level 3 does permit alcohol sale under restricted trading times. So it is perhaps safe to assume that by the time your wedding is permitted, alcohol would have already been allowable earlier. Remember to try prevent thick lines of queues at the bar, by simply increasing the number of bar attendants. Bars may also build in some trendy sneeze guards, so we may see bars redesigning their bar areas.  Another option is to offer guests bottled beverage stations on ice, to limit contact with one other, when replenishing their thirst.

Wedding décor will be more necessary than ever.  With initially smaller weddings, couples can be supremely creative with their décor.  Signage of seating charts, boards with fun lyrics near bathroom sinks encouraging second hand-washing will be on the trend.

Wedding Seating Plan

Wedding Seating Plan

Wedding lighting will play a larger role than ever before.  Some couples are expecting less guests, but at the same time want to make the reception room feel full and whole.  A great way to achieve this is by spreading out large chandeliers, increasing the number of accent walls, and placing spotlights on tables.

Wedding Lighting

Wedding Lighting

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For wedding flowers, flexibility will be key. Couples may want to rethink their flower colour palettes and textures because their choice of blooms may be more difficult to procure.  Going local and what is in season will be big for flowers.

Wedding photographers will likely need longer lenses and consider shooting outdoors. This way making photography from a distance absolutely possible.

Honeymoon destination is a hot topic.  With the current limitations globally on flights, air BNB, hotels etc. it is safe to assume that international travel will only be legitimate once permitted on a global scale.  Therefore perhaps immediately after your local wedding, consider a short romantic honeymoon getaway within South Africa’s borders. This way too, you’ll be contributing to igniting South Africa’s economy post-impact from Corona. Once life fully resumes in all countries this will be the right time to finalise your lengthy international honeymoon holiday and plans.

Wedding Honeymoon


You’ll want to see this one!

Now the big question! Until when should you rebook or postpone your current wedding date… Well. There are many features to this question. Such as, if you’ve opted for a smaller more intimate size wedding, perhaps your wedding might be able to resume in only a few weeks time as the economy reopens.

Nevertheless, if the wedding guest size is for example larger than perhaps 200+ guests, consider rebooking your venue in early 2021. There will likely be less wedding limitations in 2021 than in 2020 due to Coronavirus. The question of WHEN to reschedule your wedding is a very individual one.  This will depend upon your choice of venue, guest size etc.

Most importantly, again, chat with your wedding venue and reach a common agreement. It’s also logical to assume that feasibly some wedding venues, such as outdoor venues, may have more lenient provisions, rather than other more closed venues.

Certainly, weddings will resume. It is only a matter of time. However, it is all of our call of duty to apply certain precautions into certain settings for the limited time that is required. One day, this too shall pass.

Wedding Postponed

Wedding Postponed

A few more Tips for the future of weddings during Coronavirus 

Corinthians 1 verse 13 tells us clearly that ‘Love always perseveres. Love never fails.’ The love you share with your fiancé is the potent kind. The kind of love that is determined and never fails, a love that perseveres.  There will be some hardships in life, however it’s the perfect time now to join hands with your loved one and walk through this journey together.

Weddings have had to be postponed due to legal boundaries implemented by our governmental structures during the period of the Coronavirus. We’ve had brides who have wept and cried hard during this time. You’re entitled to sob. Grieve. Cry your tears.  Then straighten your crown. Time to move forwards.

Straighten Your Crown.

Read all your contracts with your venue, suppliers and vendors! Read. Get information. Read the small print. Get informed how any date change will effect each of your supplier relationships. Get legal advice if you need to understand your signed contracts better.

Love Never Fails

And a few more last Tips

Communicate with your wedding venue, suppliers and vendors about anything that concerns you. The only way to answer how features of your wedding will be adjusted to accommodate Coronavirus, is to communicate with your providers. Refer to your contracts during this communication.

Draft your new plan to move your wedding forwards. Use this time to adjust your wedding to even better match your wedding dreams.

Plan your Wedding!

Do not stop planning your wedding. This will help to keep you inspired and motivated. Use the time to take advantage of huge wedding deals and sales.  Some top wedding venues are offering incredible deals, such as book your wedding now for NO venue hire charge.  The Most Popular Online Wedding Shop has opened up a massive online SALE, the biggest so far. Some goodies are up to 80% discounted! This period is a beautiful time to take advantage of deals, discounts and sales for your wedding. Your wedding budget will be extremely happy and for sure go the extra few miles.

Straighten Your Crown

In Summary

In Conclusion, the shock from Coronavirus has passed.  It’s time to straighten our crowns ladies and gents.  Now design, plan, prepare how to move forwards successfully.  The abnormal has become our new normal.  We are resilient and adaptable human beings.

Certainly, the future of weddings during Coronavirus has transformed itself. But weddings will resume. It is only a matter of time. During this article, we’ve evaluated how weddings have been impacted by Covid-19, how weddings WILL recover from Covid-19, and how future weddings may slightly transform in some ways due to Coronavirus. And finally, some tips for brides and grooms to stay sane during this time.

Just remember, all in all, that love perseveres and never fails. Nothing, no cause and no-one will successfully put love into a box. It is only a matter of time before your wedding will resume.

That moment you stand in front of your husband or wife-to-be will certainly be one of THE greatest moments in your life! Carry on with your wedding planning. Gain your strength.  Keep wedding inspired and wedding motivated. Straighten your crown and move forwards. You do not have to hit pause.   Your wedding will come, so start planning.  Read the next article to Get Ready for Your Wedding Now

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Straighten Your Crown