Random Wedding Questions

You may be bashful to ask the burning random and absolutely absurd wedding questions you had on your mind.  Never shy – just ask here and learn why.

Can my ex be invited to our wedding?

A burning wedding question this one! Generally, ex’s should not be invited to the wedding… even if the relationship is on “good terms”.  It’s easier this way – to avoid complications. There are Wedding Superstitions But there’s no precise boundary on this one – Bruce Willis attended the wedding of his ex, Demi Moore, to new husband Ashton Kutcher.  Although there are no wedding rules – although stay within your level of comfort.

What does the Maid of Honour (MOH) do?

Prior to the wedding, MOH duties are to coordinate the Bridesmaids responsibilities, for example – organising the Bridal Shower / Hen’s party or arranging the bridesmaid’s dress fittings. That’s the easy part – whew, now where do we begin?  Essentially, the MOH is the Bride’s right hand of support (wedding planning can be emotional at times).

Your maid of honour helps with any pre-wedding tasks, for example, addressing wedding invites. But on the wedding day, the MOH helps the Bride dress and arranges her veil too. The MOH walks down the aisle before the Bride, preparing the way for the Bride.  Once the Bride has reached the altar, the MOH holds the Bride’s flower bouquet.

During the vows, the MOH gives the groom’s ring to the Bride.  She is the witness, together with the Bestman, during the marriage license signing and also helps to organise the bridal party during the wedding photographs. During the reception, the MOH dances with the Bestman.  The maid of honour helps to prepare the Bride’s outfit for the Honeymoon and then safe keeps her wedding gown and veil until the Bride’s arrival back from Honeymoon.

Maid of Honour Speech

Maid of Honour Speech

What does the Bestman (BM) do?

Yes, a common wedding question is: What exactly does the bestman do at a wedding? The Groom and BM might expect the bachelor party their most central mission… however much to their dismay, the BM also helps with tasks like the outfit fitting, or transporting the attire.  The BM also manages the rehearsal party toasts.

During the wedding day, the BM ensures the Groom reaches the wedding venue ON TIME.  During the vows, the BM gives the Bride’s ring to the Groom.  He is the witness, together with the MOH during the marriage license signing.  During the reception, the BM dances with the MOH but also is responsible for the first toast during the reception.

Please give your Bestman 10 top tips for his speech preparation. In preparation of the Honeymoon, the BM ensures the transport and luggage is ready to depart with the newlyweds.  Thereafter, the BM should return all rented attire or gear to the suppliers timely.

Bestman Speech

Bestman Speech

What should we include on our wedding invitation is a common wedding question

We have experienced some Brides in the past who have forgotten to print the venue name or date on the wedding invite, and only realised after all the wedding invitations have all been printed.  Remember to include:  Venue. Date. Time. Place. Map/directions. Dress code (cocktail attire/black tie/beachwear/casual/jackets etc.). Any additional info.

Kids aren’t welcome at our wedding, how do I tell our guests? A challenging wedding question!

Clearly write the guest names on the invite.  You could also write a little note tactfully explaining that kids are regrettably not invited due to space limitation or cost. It’s important to make your boundaries clear, so guests can comply with your preferences. There’s some pretty nice wedding invitation poems on this too.

Wedding Invitation with no kids

Wedding Invitation with no kids

Let’s answer an awkward wedding question.  Does my Bridesmaid need to hold up my wedding dress whilst I pee?

This all depends upon your style of wedding dress. If you’ve chosen a full ball-gown floor-length dress, then, yes, you will need an extra pair of hands to help hold up your wedding dress.  Bu this means calling your Bridesmaid every time you want to go do your business. So another solution of less maintenance would be our ‘Bridal Buddy’, the ready-to-pee-spanx. The ‘Bridal Buddy’ is now every Bride’s secret and is hitting the international tastes by storm.  Get your Bridal Buddy Helper here:  Bridal Helper

Wedding Dress Toilet Helper

Wedding Dress Toilet Helper (Product code DT001)

What does a wedding planner do is a common wedding question

Wedding planners work differently, so communicate with him/her of your requirements and preferences.  Go with what works for you! They generally align the logistics and duties in planning and on your wedding day. Tasks can include: Designing the day and lighting up your wedding vision or theme, directing suppliers, answering questions from suppliers, keeping to time on the day, scheduling the day etc.  Trust is important – for the wedding planner will work with your budget and contracts.   A wedding planner can potentially lighten your wedding preparation load.

It’s important to source a reputable wedding planner so ask questions like:

For how long has your wedding planning company existed?  Where are you based?  Approximately how many weddings do you do a year or per day?  Generally speaking, how is your commission charged? Roughly how soon can we meet to discuss the wedding services?  Do you have testimonials about your company?  Have you done a wedding at my chosen venue?  When should I book your services?  What makes your company unique?

A wedding planner is not crucial to the success of your wedding day or life together, but a wedding planner will definitely take care of your logistics and perhaps even your wedding emotions.

What is a wedding venue contract?

IMPORTANT AND VERY IMPORTANT! A wedding venue contract is a legal agreement between you and your chosen venue which includes specific information such as wedding date, décor, suppliers, props, what the venue providers, insurance proof, costs, overtime fees, deposit due and dates, cancellation/refund policy – to name a few. Wedding venue contracts have small fine print – read theseDiscuss set up and set down times. Stick to your contract. Amend the clauses as you go along, but please refer to your wedding venue contract frequently to avoid any conflict or ambiguity.

What happens if your reception party goes over the allocated time schedule?  Are there additional charges like valet parking or restroom attendants? Does the venue have an exclusive supplier vendor list? Is gratuity expected? Are there any venue limitations we should be aware of? Ensure you’ve covered every single detail of the contract because 2 days before your wedding, you don’t want to find out that your chosen venue does not have an alcohol license as this could be a party dampener.

I’m worried it will be chilly on our wedding day, my dress is strapless, any recommendations?

We can’t control the weather, but we can control our temperature.  Click here for your wrap Shawl Wrap

Bridal Shawl (Product code SJ002)

Bridal Shawl (Product code SJ002)

How do I match jewellery to my wedding dress?

We love the bridal dress and bridal accessory wedding questions.  We can tell you that different metals work with different shades of colours.  White gown:  Silver or platinum compliment a white dress. Ivory gown:  Rose Gold or Gold jewellery accentuates the stunning levels of an ivory dress. Champagne gown:  Rose Gold or Gold jewellery compliments a champagne tone. Blush gown: The trending – Rose gold is stunning because the pink hue in the metal compliments the gentle pinkness of the dress.

Tips: Be guided by the style of the dress.  A V-neck wedding dress style is best complimented by a pendant necklace or choker.  Pair it with dangling earrings.   A halter neck dress is often best complimented by a draping back necklace or hairpins, but especially a birdcage veil. Add in bangles to balance the accessorised look.  

And then be guided by the beads on the dress (if there are any beads on your dress) to guide the hue shades of the accessories. Choose a necklace, bangle or earrings with the same metal base as the beads.  Most of all, have fun choosing – your selection is huge!  If you’re opting for a vintage/antique inspiring style, choose burnished silver with diamante or rhinestones.

Click here for some pretty bridal jewellery ideas: Bridal Jewellery

Which wedding dress suits my body shape?

Pear-shaped: A skirt style from the waist to the floor is a good option to narrow the midsection, but also to distract from the hips and thighs.  Go for a fabric that is not clinging. Remember that a V neck or spaghetti strap bodice shows a slender upper body.

Busty: A scoop or sweetheart neckline is your best compliment. Remember that sheen fabrics (silk, satin, organsa) or ruche will actually accentuate the bust area.

Plus-size: Go for an A-skirt, with the line beginning under the bust, flowing to the floor. Flow is the key – not a clingy fabric, but not a loose fabric which can have an adverse effect.  Stay away from pleats.

Apple shaped: A wedding dress which is small on the upper bodice and then flares into an A shape is a good option. Look for the upper bodice of ruche or lace.  Corset is a great option! A V-neckline is a great option too.

Boyish figure: Opt for a ball-gown dress with a fitted upper bodice.  The fullness of the dress makes you appear curvier.

Hourglass figure: Mermaid style wedding dresses compliment your shape.  The skirt hugs your hips and thighs, tapering, and then flaring at the knee. Great for showing off your curves.

Petite: Column is a great option for petite brides because the style follows the body’s natural line and doesn’t flare out, but does add length.

Body Shape

Body Shapes

What is the ceremony procession order?

Yikes! Who walks first and with who down the aisle?  It’s not as complicated as it sounds for the ceremony procession at your wedding.  The Groom and Groomsmen walk to the front of the church first.  Then Bridesmaids walk from the back of the church to the front of the church, followed by the Maid of Honour.  They’re followed by the Pageboy and then the Flowergirl.  Then the Bride and usually the Bride’s Father will walk down the aisle together.

If you’re in a church facing the altar then the Bride usually stands on the left and the Groom on the right. Traditionally, the Groom’s family sit on the side of the church he stands on and the Bride’s family on the other side.  Shared friends should sit on the side with less people.   However, recently, ‘pick a seat, not a side’ is the contemporary option.  Prepare through a wedding rehearsal prior to your wedding day, with an informal and casual wedding rehearsal, so your team will know where to stand/sit and what to do.

Wedding Processional order

Wedding Processional order

Who lifts my bridal veil?

Lifting the bridal veil is a Wedding Tradition.  Traditionally, Brides would wear the veil covering her face and then the Bride’s Father would lift the veil when he gave the Bride to her future husband. Or another option would be for the Groom to lift the veil when he kisses the Bride.  However, contemporarily, more Brides choose to wear the veil tossed back for the whole ceremony. Click here to view stunning bridal veils made for you with love  Bridal Wedding Veils

Father lifting Bride wedding veil

Is there a proper way to kiss at our wedding ceremony?

Yes, just be natural.  Social etiquette would say the kiss shouldn’t involve the tongue and should last less than 10 seconds. But of course, if you choose to do the dip and snog longer, do what you’re both comfortable with.

Full your wedding planning time with empowering knowledge from unique places like Things I Wish I’d Known Before Our Wedding

Bride and Groom kissing

A speech at our wedding for who and when?

Tradition would say that the Master of Ceremony introduces the Bestman and it’s the Bestman’s duty to ask everyone (except Bride and Groom) to stand.  The Bestman gives the first toast to the Bride and Groom (just before the main meal is served at the reception) focusing on the Bride and Groom’s future happy life together and wishing them health, wealth and prosperity.  How the Bestman chooses to run with his speech is at his discretion, it can be humorous and fun, or it can be sweet and short.

Once the Bestman’s speech is finished, he raises his glasses and encourages other guests to raise their glasses.  Other guests can give toasts too at this point… But remember the rumble in the guest’s tummies as they wait for main meals. Bride and Groom can then rise to give thanks.

Maid of Honour and Bestman Speeches

Maid of Honour and Bestman Speeches

Do we really need to feed the DJ, band, florist, baker, musician, pastor, photographer, videographer, wedding planner?

Yes.  Most of them will actually put in their contracts.  However, offering them to eat is a kind gesture too.  Check with your venue or catering supply because often these plates might be half price, compared to your guests.

What should our wedding thank you cards say?

Punctuality is important. After your engagement party thank you notes are usually sent within 1 month.  For pre-wedding gifts, send the thank you note before the wedding. For wedding gifts received at your wedding, send a thank you note within 12 weeks.  For wedding gifts received after the wedding, send a thank you note within 3 weeks. Say something genuine and courteous on the note.  Make some mention of the:  Gift name (don’t mention the amount if it’s monetary), how you’d use it and your gratitude.

Wedding Thank You Card