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How do I personalise my customised car sticker? Type in your personalised text requirement (surname and wedding date) in the text box that reads: Personalise This Item | Your personalised design will be emailed to you for your approval, before we print | If you require any support to customise your item please whatsapp 0625499753 or email

Is the sticker temporary and can it be removed?  Yes!  The sticker can be removed with soapy water and rubbing.

Size:  The width is 30cm so the letters go up to about 30cm high. Length will vary upon text requirements.

How do I apply the sticky vinyl?  You’ll receive your sticker already prepared and on transfer film. Simply split the transfer clear film from the backing, then simply and very slowly roll out of the sticker onto the screen or application area (eg back car window). Go slow to avoid bubbles. Then take any card (debit card) and lightly scrap down the sticker to clear out any bubbles.

Colour:  White

Material: Vinyl sticky text


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