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Bachelorette Party Checklist | Hens Party Games (Product code HP021)

Pack of 20 checklists is included per 1 pack. Each checklist has 10 FUN tasks.

Each checklist has 10 tasks which include:

  1. Take a shot without using your hands
  2. Serenade a stranger with a love ballad
  3. Pick a guy at the bar and squeeze his arm muscles
  4. Tell the bartender to pour a shot into your mouth
  5. Perform a dance solo for an entire song
  6. Announce that you’re not wearing any underwear
  7. Jump into a stranger’s arms
  8. Make a wedding dress out of toilet paper and model it
  9. Remove your bra and wear it outside your shirt
  10. Collect 3 married men’s phone numbers


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