Extended: No Weddings, for additional 14 days

Covid-19 and governmental decisions undeniably continue to effect weddings in South Africa.  16 months later.  South Africa continues as is – in lockdown level 4. Again extended: No wedding is permitted for the next 14 days. Read on for more…

President Ramaphosa addressed the nation on 11 July 2021

President Ramaphosa addressed the nation on 11 July 2021, 14 days after his previous address.  His previous address notified moving back into lockdown level 4, and his address most recently showed little change, when compared to the previous address. President Ramaphosa and his cabinet believed the two weeks set additional measures to contain the virus. They felt measures were urgent and necessary to contain the third wave of Covid-19, with priority to break the chain of transmission.
  • This adjusted alert level 4 has been re-assessed after 14 days and President Ramaphosa iterated that infections remain high, due to the fast spreading Delta variant. He believes the 3rd wave is more severe than the previous 2 waves. He informed that the last 2 weeks shows an average of 20,000 daily new cases of Covid-19 people.  Presently with 200,000 active Covid cases in South Africa.
  • Gauteng accounts for more than half of the new infections, with some of the other provinces following.
So… Can we have our wedding before 25 July 2021?

no weddings

No wedding ceremonies or wedding receptions are permitted for an additional 14 days, until 25 July 2021 (when this will be re-assessed by the President and his cabinet). Moreover, extended, no wedding is currently permitted, for another 14 days.

As a result of the latest national address, South Africa continues on alert level 4 for an additional 14 days, until 25 July 2021. With the following measures in place: 

  1. All gatherings, including social, political, religious gatherings remain prohibited.
  2. Curfew 21h00-04h00.
  3. Sale of alcohol remains prohibited.
  4. Schools remain closed until 26 July 2021.
  5. It is compulsory to wear masks in public.

However now, with these additional adjustments:

  1. Restaurants and eateries can operate again, capped at no more than 50 people, or if the floor space is smaller, then no more than 50% normal capacity floor space.
  2. Gyms, fitness centres may also re-open.
  • After these additional 14 days, the situation will be reassessed.

To many, it feels like a stop-start, stop-start tiresome and monotonous cycle of opening and closing ‘parts’ of the economy.  We can only hope and pray that the vaccine programmes are accelerated by the government. And also that the protests and riots are stopped immediately by our government, to prevent any further spread of Coronavirus in our country.
Our hearts go out to all the engaged couples who have had to postpone their wedding if scheduled before 25th July 2021. We are truly deeply, so sorry that you’re experiencing this. Nevertheless, this time can be used proactively in continuing to plan for your wedding, which WILL happen.

It is only a matter of time before you get married and have your wedding day.

In summary, for 14 days, neither wedding ceremony’s nor wedding receptions are permitted

 All gatherings (indoors or outdoors) are prohibited. This includes political, social and religious gatherings. The situation will be reassessed by the government after 14 days. In comparison to the previous national address, there’s not much development.

Love is not cancelled. The wedding is only postponed if within the next two weeks.

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This article will be updated in our blog as wedding information progress onwards. Watch this space! Most importantly, check into our  Blog Page for more insight into Hot Wedding Topics and stay up to date on the relationship between Covid-19 and weddings in South Africa.

*Note from the Editor:   This article is merely intended to explore grounding information proposed to sober wedding indecision. By no means is this article a comprehensively seamless analysis or official information.  This information is accurate to the date of publishing.  More information will unveil as the government releases further information.