2018 was a year of rose gold, blush pinks, sleekness with style…  We fascinated ourselves with textured florals and detailed flowers. Florals was the highlight among rustics, hessians, lace, woods and naturals.  2019 has moved us into a new era of Wedding Trends. It feels like we’ve moved centuries between just 2018 and 2019.  Here are 10 top Wedding Trends in 2019 released by the most popular online one-stop wedding shop in South Africa www.everythingandwedding.co.za

A Wedding was once about the family’s ego or status publicised and promoted at the wedding. 2019 has become all about the Bride and Groom. Families around Brides and Grooms are slowly becoming more insightful and respectful of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion dedicated to the Bride and Groom.  We dreamed for Brides and Grooms to celebrate this Wedding independence and freedom years ago.  Freedom to choose the Bride’s Wedding Dress, Groom’s Style, shoes or no shoes, upstyle or down, haircombs or hairpieces, venues, entertainment, wedding guests and colours. Wedding focus has become saturated on celebrating the Love between Bride and Groom, celebrating the Bride and Groom’s day of unity and start of forever.

Together with this highlight, we see a massive independent shift underlying many of the facets of weddings in 2019:

  1. 2019 has awakened to the exceptional uniqueness of personalising and customising Weddings. Personalising from everything starting from personalised gift boxes to propose to your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids, personalised badges, personalised coathangers, personalised tshirts, personalised mugs, personalised flasks, personalised cufflinks, personalised shoe stickers, personalised ties and the list is endless – all to celebrate this very personalised and ‘new freedom’ of celebration between the Bride and Groom.  Creativity is the focus.  Guest seating plans personalised on Perspex and large boards. Personalised and creative welcome boards.  Personalising even goes as far as scented smells which will especially remind guests of the #bestweddingever so custom blends of perfume spritzed on invites, gift favoured on a scented candle or pumped throughout the venue.  Personalised Gift Favours like everythingandwedding.co.za Guest Tree or Mint To Be Gift Favours are trending. Weddings have become an exciting creative zone of uniqueness expressed through personalising and creating unique everlasting memories among the blend of loved ones.
  2. Rose gold has been replaced by wedding colours of nudes, pastels and rust. Pastel colours of green, pink, blue, mint are trending. The whole ‘white wedding’ theme is less popular and being seen as more clinical.   Rigid colour palettes are also being dumped. Bold colours in the metallic ranges are especially trending in 2019.
  3. Entertainment has become about enjoying interactive performance floaters. The wedding photobooth has been overdone for years.  Weddings are entertaining now with hired caricaturists, magicians, Elvis impersonators and stormtroppers, to name a few.  Talented solo entertainers scattered throughout wedding venues are trending at the top of guest’s preferred entertainment.  Together with the stormtroopers appearing acts – the Grooms, Bestman, Groomsman, Father of Groom are enjoying the Marvel and DC Superhero Cufflinks. See https://everythingandwedding.co.za/product-category/everything-for-groom-fathers-bestman-groomsman/page/3/
  4. The trendiest wedding venues are fast becoming barns, forests, lofts, breweries, greenhouses and farms. Beach weddings are also at the top of the list. Brides and Grooms are opting for serene, natural environments to make the bold statement of beauty –  rather than being constricted to the heavy décor expenditures of townhalls, hotels and corporate statures.
  5. Food set ups have moved away from ala carte and set menu styles to a more interactive festivity between the bridal party and guests. Now trending are the food setups of intermingling snack platters of a vast variety on chunky wooden platters, coupled with colourful cocktails.  Food areas have become better known as grazing stations, filled with different breads, fruits, nuts, meats, cheeses, chocolates and decedent desserts. Collaborative food stations like popcorn bars with a selection of toppings, tea bars, guacamole bars, and donut stations are trending on the top. Food trucks are still very popular at laidback weddings.  All of these trends easily offer easy late night snack options too.  The popular wedding drink during 2019 is the different faces and flavours of the classical gins.  Artistic edible displays are especially sought after during 2019 Weddings.
  6. Wedding music is trending towards ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtracks. Live bands are becoming more sought after than DJ’s. Solo pianists and harpists are also on the rise spilling angelic vibes.
  7. Couples are moving towards minimalist, but bold aesthetics. Winter Weddings will encompass different styles and colours of velvet fabrics.  Pamgrass is at the top of flower displays. Floral centrepieces are popular. Bold statements are seen in the colourful smoke-bombs during photoshoots. Bringing the outdoors in, is most popular. Weddings are also becoming more considerate of the environment and the footprint we leave behind, eco-conscious weddings.
  8. As we see the freedom of many traditional rules being abandoned in contemporary weddings, we see a large shift towards a no-gender matter as Groomsgirl and Bridesman roles become popular. Find some pretty cool Bridesman badges at everythingandwedding.co.za
  9. Bride Wedding Dresses are focused on practicality and the level of comfort for the bride. Pockets in the wedding dress are popular.  Strapless wedding dresses are losing their appeal.  Classic and sleek cuts are trending.  Bridal Wedding Dresses with sleeves are extremely popular in 2019. Perhaps this inspiration came from Megan Markle’s long sleeved Givenchy wedding gown. Bridal dresses are moving towards a sophisticated minimalism of sleek wedding dress columns and uncomplicated wedding tulle skirt.
  10. Bridal make up is al-natural. It’s the no make-up look, with make-up.  It’s the number of spa treatments leading up to your wedding day such as microblading, microneedling and face treatments that are important to improvise the no make-up look.  Bridal make up has moved to a very natural application, sometimes bolded by a bright red lipstick.  A bright red lipstick paired with really strong eyebrows to create a defined look. Again like in our 2019 wedding décor, there’s a hint of metallic colour coming through on Bridal Makeup.  A trending wedding lust is having a hairstylist and make-up artist seated and set up in the ladies or in a nearby beauty booth, so your guests can go and touch up throughout the wedding day and evening. Bridal hair is trending on a few platforms, primarily with plaits and bridal braids. Also reigning supreme is weaving flowers or bridal head vines into the hair. Most popular are the floral headpieces and floral bridal crowns from everythingandwedding.co.za. Loose and wavy bridal hair is also very popular.

In a wedding nutshell, weddings in 2019 are trending towards a natural, simplistic vibe with sophisticated elegance.  The statement is minimalism with boldness. Weddings have become about having fun personalising and customising anything and everything to express and celebrate loved ones. It’s simply a beautiful era to get married, you’re at the centre of perfectly blending contemporary and classical eras to make your wedding day dreams come alive.