Marriage Registration is permitted during Level 3 Coronavirus lockdown, under certain conditions

Weddings were not permitted in South Africa during level 4 and level 5 of the Coronavirus lockdown, which existed between 26 March 2020 – 31 May 2020. Moreover, South Africa has morphed into level 3 of lockdown on 1 June 2020. Home Affairs now permits marriage registrations during level 3 Coronavirus lockdown, with certain terms and conditions as directed by the Government.

Weddings in South Africa

Aaron Motsaledi (Home Affairs Minister) says couples can go to a Home Affairs Office or a Marriage Officer.  This will take place per appointment. No wedding ceremonies are permitted, and a maximum of two witnesses are allowed. He said: “We are not allowing wedding ceremonies, but people can go to Home Affairs Department to get married.  Because the majority of marriage officers are ministers of religion, we have also said the same thing – if a minister of religion is going to marry couples in their office, the couple must come with only two witnesses. We made it very clear about the conditions [for marriages] two people who are getting married and two witnesses, no crowds.”

This progress is good as we positively move forwards. Understandably, anticipating a further lenient approach towards weddings in South Africa from level 2.

Many weddings have already been postponed during level 3-5. However for those wanting to get the marriage registration done – it is possible now.  Thereafter celebrating your wedding ceremony and wedding reception once lockdown eases further. Once weddings are fully permitted in South Africa, it’s clear there will be some adjustments. Read here for more.

*This information is released to the best of our knowledge to current date, updates will follow once more information develops.

Marriage Registration is permitted during Level 3