Forget About These 5 Wedding Superstitions!

Brides and Grooms:  Do not fear any Wedding Day Superstitions you may hear of! Read here for a few insightful questions. By the way they’re all false.

The Groom should not see his Bride before the Wedding. FALSE!

Is this a Wedding Tradition? Superstition dictates that the Groom should not see his Bride at all on the wedding day, especially before the wedding vows… all for the silly reason in case he changes his mind. Crazy right!? It’s seriously a bit late to worry about your Groom ditching you at this final stage of the game. Consider first looks. First looks are very special and super exciting. Make sure your photographer catches the awe in our hubby-to-be’s eye when he turns around to see you dressed in elegance as his bride. First looks can also calm the Wedding Jitters well.

Do not marry on Friday the 13th of the month OR on a Saturday OR in month of May.  FALSE!

Superstition dictates that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck and negative omens. Ditch this superstition. The advantage of booking your wedding venue on the 13th is that the 13th date in most venues is the last date to be taken by other Brides. Remember too that booking your wedding during the week on a Friday will sometimes negate at least half the venue hire fees, when compared to weekend wedding dates. Saturday is also apparently the most unlucky day to marry and Wednesday the luckiest day to marry during the week.

The superstition of marrying in May is a myth dating back to historical Roman times because the Romans held their festivals for those that have passed away. Hello!? We’re in the 2020’s! Moving along swiftly… choose your wedding date and month to what suits you both (and your guests) best. What we do recommend is checking if there are any sports events or concerts or big events conflicting on your wedding date – we would not want your guests to choose watching the Springboks beat the Kiwi’s rugby match, instead of attending your special wedding day.

Do not wear pearls on your wedding day.  FALSE!

Some cultures believe that wearing pearls symbolises tears, sadness and sorrow. Ditch this downer on your happy and joyful wedding day. Wear the pretty pearls, which do match absolutely stunningly with most bridal wedding dresses. Pearls are glamorous, elegant and are timeless beauty.

Rain on your wedding day…  FALSE!

Although the wetness may be a slight inconvenience for certain décor aspects or planned outdoors activities, it’s 100% accurate to say that you’ll have no control over the weather on your wedding day. Ditch what you have no control over, and focus on what you could control in case it rains. Instead give attention to taking great photo opportunities with your husband in the rain! Stunning glistening drops make the most gorgeous wedding photos.

Do not drop your wedding rings on the floor…  FALSE!

 Superstition dictates that if your wedding rings were dropped by mistake on the wedding day, that person would die. Such gobbledygook! But take heed somewhat that if you have a young ringbearer or pageboy, secure your wedding bands to the ring cushion or ring box, just to avoid the stress of mistakenly losing the wedding rings.  

For some more insight into Wedding Day Superstitions, check this out. Concluding, ditch the dark and focus on the good.  Superstitions won’t add much positivism to your wedding day, but only a few frustrations and worries.  Enjoy your blessed and special time of your forever lives together by starting here:  We Are Engaged – What Now?!